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Welcome to Downtown Los Angeles

Introduction When people refer to Los Angeles, they are typically referring to Los Angeles County or even nearby Orange County (home of Anaheim’s Disneyland). The city of Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California. Downtown Los Angeles is located close to the geographic center of the metropolitan area. Downtown is actually a diverse collection of neighborhoods including Little Tokyo, the New Chinatown and the El Pueblo de Los Angeles along with Civic Center, Financial District, Jewelry District and Fashion District. Downtown is also home to some of the most unique and stunning examples of architecture. Downtown LA is a major center to financial, entertainment & sightseeing opportunities. Downtown is the hub for freeway network and public transportation. Who's Taller For many people, the many skyscrapers of Bunker Hill are synonymous with downtown Los Angeles. Eight of the ten tallest buildings in California are located in Los Angeles. The tal